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Unless its a fashion shoot, your portrait should be about you and not the clothes that you are wearing.  Make sure not to wear something that over powers the image, you should be wearing the clothes they shouldn’t be wearing you.  So wear something that expresses who you are, but first and foremost make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in it!

What I recommend that my clients wear to a portrait session if they want to play it safe!

  • The color you choose matters!– If you want an light airy feel choose lighter colors. if your looking for a more contrasty edgy image choose deep rich colors
  • Choose a neutral color – white is not the only neutral! black, tan, blush. light blues, nudes, navy and my favorite gray!
  • Wear similar tones for top and bottom
  • Wear sleeves – careful when exposing your arms especially if it is a problem area for you.  If you are the only one with skin exposed it tends to draw the viewers attention, and can make your arm appear larger than it really is.
  • Choose dark socks if you are wearing dark tones– This actually happens very often most men wear white socks.  The first thing we see in a picture is usually the lightest, so those white socks will stand out like a sore thumb even if your wearing jeans!
  • Keep it simple – patterns can make or break a picture, I’m not saying don’t wear them I am saying be mindful if you do.  You do not want to be the only one in a family photo wearing a busy shirt if everyone else is in solids. Try to coordinate everyone’s out if so no one is a distraction. Try to find a balance between solids and patterns.
  • Wear similar tones – You can wear the same color but try not to make it the exact same color.  Try variations of the same color or colors that compliment each other.