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Cake Smash

Melanie believes a portrait should reflect more than just what a family looks like, but photography should also portray a child’s ingenuous personality and a family’s love. Whether in her loft studio, your home, or among an ABQ, NM urban neighborhood, Melanie offers a unique breadth of portrait and lifestyle photography. Her style is sophisticated but carefree and completely focused and centered around your family. Kids enjoy her fun, engaging spirit, and parents appreciate the guidance she provides throughout the picture-taking process, and the rewarding experience she so strongly believes children should receive in a professional portrait photography session. Families who choose Mint Photography by Melanie Maxine are looking for photography that is artistic and timeless, but equally important, they will discover a customized, unique and adventurous portrait experience they will not get anywhere else.

Pure Cake Session

The reason I love these “Pure Cake” cake smash sessions so much is that it gives us a sneak peek into the baby’s developing personality. Of course, parents and myself included love seeing sweet smiles and giggles in pictures, but I adore serious expressions just as much. Because eating cake can be serious business to some 1 year olds. We will get so many shots of a whole range of expressions. At first it is bewilderment, then wonder and excitement followed by delight and determination. Each expression is just so priceless!

Cake smash sessions are also an adorable way of showing milestones. This session was for Sofia’s first birthday! These Pure Cake sessions include pre-smash pictures, cake smash pictures, and the post-smash bubble bath with music, rubber duckies and all! You don’t even have to worry about the clean up- leave that to us! That’s another plus of these sessions – come in, have fun watching your child get messy, get the cute pictures, and they leave clean, too!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Why are your cake smash sessions so much less than a regular session?

A. I adore Cake Smash sessions, however they are much different than my normal work. There isn’t a lot of posing or editing involved and no reveal and ordering session. Digitals are included but no prints or products come with the package. I am offering limited time, all inclusive pricing with the option to purchase products from an online gallery for cake smash clients only.

Q. Well can I do a Cake Smash Session without a cake and get that price?

A. Yes, if and only if your child is turning one!

Q. Will you provide the cake?

A.  The cake is not included in the package.   For an additional fee of $50, we will work with our local cake decorator to create a cake that matches the theme of your photo session.  The $50 fee includes the cake and the pickup.

If you prefer to supply your own cake, please be sure the theme and colors match the session’s theme.

I do have some suggestions when choosing your cake. Sometimes fondant is a little hard for baby to break through and can be a choking hazard. Frosting usually works a lot better. Also avoid things like nuts in your cake. And of course take into consideration any allergies your child might have.

Q. Will you provide the decorations?

A. We do have decorations at the studio, however if you have any special request themes or ideas we ask that you bring your props with you.

Q. Can my 3yr old do a cake smash?

A. No, this is a limited edition session offered by our studio for 1 year olds only.

Q: Can I order prints or other products?

A. In your online gallery you will have the option to purchase products and prints from the same professional print lab I use. The prices are extremely reasonable with prints starting at $2.25. You wont find that kind of quality at that price anywhere else! We also offer albums which are a great way to display your images from the session

Q. Where do you take the photos?

A. Pure Cake sessions will be held at studio in NW Albuquerque. Directions can be found on the contact page of our website.

Q. Can I book an outdoor session on location?

A. Yes, I can accommodate for outdoor sessions depending on the location. On location “Pure Cake” sessions can be done with a $100 travel and set-up fee. Outdoor sessions are usually done early in the morning, about an hour after sunrise or in the evening, about one hour before Sunset.

Q. When do I need to book my session?

A. We are a busy studio and usually booked up 1-2 months in advance. Please get in touch as soon as you can to book this session with us to celebrate your little one’s special date. We recommend booking your session at least 1 month before your child’s birthday so you will have your images to share on your child’s first birthday.

Q. How long does the session last?

A. We allow approx. 60mins studio time.

Q. Can I bring my other children along?

A. We appreciate that sometimes getting a baby sitter is difficult – we do suggest though, that if you need to bring a young sibling along to the session that you bring another adult with you. Your attention will very much be on baby and the Cake Smash is very much a team effort

***Due to covid restrictions at this time we ask that only the child being photograph attend the session, parents are welcome but we do need to limit the number of people in the studio for safety reasons.

Q. What should my child wear?

A. For little girls it always looks super cute if they wear a party or pretty summer dress. We have tutus for little ladies and bow ties for the gents. Little boys tend to come in swim trunks or jeans. Use your imagination!

Q. Is there an additional cost to add a bubble bath at the end of the session?

A. There is no additional cost, all of our cake smash sessions come with 3 set ups. A pre smash portrait, a cakesmash set up and a bubble bath!

Q. Can the rest of the family get in the picture?

A. This is not a family session, if you would like to purchase a family session I can send you my family portrait session pricing. With that being said, there are occasions when parents are in the picture digging their finger in the cake for a taste or two.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Outfits for little one, a towel, favorite noisy toy and back up snacks e.g. raisins, cheerios, puffs (believe it or not we do meet the occasional baby who doesn’t like cake! )

Q. When can I expect to see the images?

A. We advise 7-14 days from the date of the shoot.

Q. How many photos will you produce?

A. We can never guarantee the amount of photos we will produce from a shoot – as little one is very much in charge.

As an average with my normal sessions I choose a gallery for you of 25-40 hand processed images. Usually for Cake Smash sessions there tends to be more as there is less editing involved.

Q. How long do you retain our images?

A. We guarantee to retain your images for 30 days following the release of your online gallery. Your online gallery will be active for a period of 30 days after your session.

Let the Beginning Never End

Sometimes its the littlest things that take up the most space in your heart


Pure Cake Session | 395

  • Consultation by phone or email
  • 60 Min In studio Session – These pure cake sessions include a pre-cake images, cake smash, post smash bubble bath with music and rubber duckies, and leave the clean up to us.
  • Online Gallery with at least 25 downloadable images
  • Access to Professional Print Lab
  • Digital Sharing Options
  • Print Release Included

*** This is a limited time offer, all clients purchasing the “Pure Cake” collection must sign a print release. All pricing will be honored up to 2 wks after your inquiry. Prices subject to change.

This package does not include any print products how ever clients will have the option to purchase images through the same professional print lab that I use at a discounted price or they may print at whatever lab they see fit.

“Children will not remember you for the material things that you provided them, but the feeling that you cherished them.”

About Melanie

My name is Melanie Maxine and I own Mint Photography. My joy in life is capturing the milestones in my client’s lives. I know that one day my images will be among their most prized possessions. Years from now they will look back that these photographs and be reminded of all the precious details of an otherwise lost moment in time. And, years after that they will pass on these images to their children or their children’s children and they will be looked upon with adoration and pride. This is why I am so passionate about photography, it is an art and most importantly an expression of love.