Albuquerque Newborn Photography

If there is one thing I know it is that Newborn Photography is HARD! I enjoy photographing most subjects but i have a special place in my heart for new babies.  Some people may think that photographing newborns should be easy, all they do is sleep right?  Wrong!  If you are a parent you know that Newborns can be total divas!  Before i start any session I go through a list of demands I know my tiny little super model requires.  Its my job to make the hardest most demanding stage of your babies life be remembered as the sweetest most angelic and beautiful beginning one could imagine.

I have a tough job, I have to  transform your bundle of exhaustion into a bundle joy and adoration, so that when you look back on these months of anxiety and sleep-deprivation, all you’ll remember is sweet baby cuddles and butterfly kisses.  I didn’t always know how to please each and every little diva that came through my door, but with experience, education, and planning I can now make even a baby Beyonce drift off to her happy place.

Albuquerque Newborn Photography

So how does a newborn photographer do it? Well, I have my secrets and of course there is the common sense stuff as well.  I make sure that my studio space caters to your baby.  Every prop, wrap and accessory is tailored to your babies comfort and safety.  Even the temperature in the room is specific to your newborn babies needs.  Most parents may not notice but every thing in my studio is strategically places for babies comfort and safety.  Not only do I make sure my little Divas are happy I also cater to her posse.  I provide a coffee bar, free wifi, premium cable channels and the studio favorite Netflicks.  Honestly, the best part of my newborn sessions is that parents have a comfortable place to relax and in some cases catch some shut eye.  I can’t tell you how many parents take advantage of a power nap during their baby’s session.

Newborn Pictures

Its only once you know every demand that most babies require and how to make them settled, secure and most importantly safe that you can start to make art.  A happy baby they will allow you to pose and photograph and document every adorable detail.  You can go from being a human baby soother to an artist.  The baby will become the muse and my camera will become the paint brush. Then the true magic begins!

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