For a Business Makeover

Introducing Insta-Sessions for small local businesses

First, let me introduce myself…

I am Melanie Montoya, owner of Melanie Maxine Photography and co-owner of Axiom Imagery (Athletes, Branding, and Editorials). For years now I have been photographing stock photography privately for major companies! My work is used for social media pages and Instagram feeds. Unfortunately, I don’t get to share my work and I never get the joy of meeting my actual clients in person. My clients are huge companies who know that informal imagery helps them connect with their ideal customers on a personal level.

I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this for local business in my hometown?”

The Insta-session was born…

Is the Insta-session for you?

  • Do you have a small business, could you use some fun social media images to spruce up your Instagram, or Facebook account?
  • Is it time to update your professional headshots
  • Do you have a physical place of business or products that you would like to show off?

Your social media pages are usually how you are going to make your first impression on your clients. Today everything is visual, so make the best visual statement possible!

You need some fun and engaging images that will make your followers want to like, comment and stick around to learn about how awesome you really are.

Ways to get your clients to engage with you on social media…

Ask Questions!

Get your follower involved and show them that you care about their thoughts and opinions!

Create Contests!

We all love to win, even if it is not a prize. Just ask a question and see who can get the right answer first! You will be surprised at how many people will get involved!

Share Something Unique!

Be yourself. The best way to connect with your ideal client is be you! The more someone feels they know you, the more likely they will be to hire you!

Show your Face!

Posts with your likeness will get the most likes and comments because people want to see you and they want to get to know the person behind the news feed!

Product Photography is also available

Get Noticed and Gain Followers!

Feature Products!

Infuse a bit of your own personality into your brand!

Be a Resource!

Lauren Meeker: Hair Doctor, Chrome Beauty and Wellness

How it works…


  1. I will go into your place of business and give you a 60 minute photo-session. During this time we will take some casual head shots, some candid images of you doing what you do best.
  2. Then, we will take some images of your products in a way that fits your brand’s style.
  3. Once we have that, we play and take some fun and engaging images of you that show off your personality.

It’s that easy!

Athena Herrera: Anchored Memory Photography



Insta-sessions are a quick and easy way for you to spruce up your social media pages. They can be done on location at your place of business or your favorite spot around town. If you are looking for a more formal session in-studio headshots are also available.

You will receive an online gallery in which you will choose 15 images that will be downloadable for you to share on your social media pages!

Clorinda and Ashley: Glamology Ink
Jonathan McKinney: Jonathan McKinney Jewelry