There’s nothing like having professional photos of your newborn baby.

Here’s a quick list of tips to prepare for your baby’s photoshoot!

  • You should schedule your newborn’s session months prior to their arrival, that way you are guaranteed a time slot.
  • Newborn sessions should take place within 14 days of their arrival, but 5-10 days is the best window.
  • Newborn acne worsens after around day 14, and they are less likely to stay asleep for their session.
  • Loosen your baby’s clothing and diapers to avoid restriction marks at 30 min prior to their session.
  • It’s important that your baby be sleepy for the session. Try to avoid too much rest before your session because we want to make sure the baby is well…exhausted before we shoot.
  • Be prepared to feed and burp the baby right before our shoot.
  • Try to avoid loud noises during a photoshoot. This includes cell phones, iPods or anything else that can wake the baby.
  • Sessions usually take 2-4 hours depending on the baby. Please bring a snack for yourself along with your will all be worth it in the end!
  • Bring extra wipes. Your baby will be in the buff for the majority of the shoot and accidents happen. Don’t be embarrassed if your child soils one of the props or photographers, its to be expected!
  • Relax – if mom is stressed, baby will be stressed, so take a deep breath. Over about half of the session will be feeding, cuddling and rocking your little one to sleep –  that’s just the nature of newborn photography. Stay relaxed and comfortable and your baby will follow your lead.
  • If you are more comfortable photographing your child in his or her diaper, please bring a diaper cover since diapers usually are very unfashionable in photos.
  • If you have any special requests, let me know prior to your shoot.  Props and themes can be quite adorable in newborn photos. If there is anything in particular that has meaning to your family, we can think of a way to incorporate it into your photo.
  • EX:  The babies father is a drummer, the baby can be photographed on a large drum, etc.


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