There are so many reason to embrace your beautiful belly. I am a maternity photographer in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas.  I know that some moms hate being pregnant and they feel uncomfortable in your own skin. But to your husband and family they are the most beautiful you have ever been. When I was pregnant I avoided cameras like they where a plague. Now I regret never taking pictures when I was pregnant. I wish more moms realized how absolutely beautiful they are to their children, your child doesn’t care if you are retaining water or gained a couple of pounds all they see is the most stunning and significant woman in their lives celebrating their bond.

So, mom, no matter how you feel at the moment, I guarantee that you will love your images.  As time passes you will grow fond of the memories of being pregnant with your baby and you will cherish your photographs of that special time.  So get in front of that camera lens.  Weather it is mine or someone else’s, if it is a camera phone take as many photos of this precious moment because you will never be this close again.