Make Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Summer Frenzy

Summer Frenzy Limited time offer on all Maternity Sessions booked through August 31st!

Get 20 High-Resolution Images
Normally $675 on Sale for $350!

Our Studio is having an amazing limited time offer! We have partnered with Sew Trendy Accessories and we have an abundance of new gowns we need to be photographed ASAP! So we are doing a Fall Frenzy Sale and we are cutting our price by almost half! That means you receive an AMAZING deal on our maternity sessions and you get to wear a stunning gown the probably cost the amount of your shoot!

What is the catch?

Well, I hate to say it there is a catch! You will need to be willing to sign a model release allowing myself and Sew Trendy to use your photographs in promotional materials if they are chosen! Truth is most clients have to sign a model release for each session anyway so… it’s not that big of a catch!

I will be doing things a little differently for my fall frenzy maternity clients, instead of doing an in-person reveal session, I will send you your images through a beautiful downloadable photo gallery. I will include at least 30 images and you can choose your favorite 20. This is better than just sending you 20, this way YOU choose what YOU want!hing

Need more convincing? Wondering why you should choose me over the next photographer…


Did you know I am a professional retoucher? I specialize in Lightroom and I am a magician with Photoshop. I don’t just throw a filter on your images and call it a day. I hand edit each and every one of your images, including retouching

Now 350 for 20 High Res digital images, a professional award-winning photographer, access to a gown worth around 300 dollars and professional retouching? I just got the chills! What are you waiting for?

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

Children will not remember you for the material things that you provided them, but the feeling that you cherished them.

Maternity Sessions

Motherhood doesn’t begin the moment you hold your new precious bundle, but from the moment see those two little lines. We want to capture this special time in your life while mom is still feeling refreshed, beautiful and excited for her new arrival.

For the perfect maternity session, we recommend scheduling during your seventh month. Not only will we flatteringly pose you to capture you at your very best, we can even recommend an amazing hair and makeup artist who can paper momma-to-be before the session. You may choose the beauty of nature or a classic studio look for Maternity Portrait that is uniquely YOU.


What Does the Session Include?

  • Mom to be, Father to be, and siblings
  • Access to our Wardrobe Closet
  • 60-90 Minute Session
  • Studio or On location (within the Albuquerque Area)
  • Professional Editing and retouching
  • 30 Image Proof Gallery – You choose 20!

Experience Melanie Maxine Photography

How does it work?

  • I will personally help you find the location that best suits your style and vision (I know all the best spots!)
  • We will have an in-person consult when you come in to try on our gowns
  • You will have a one-hour session with me where I will pose and direct you through the entire shoot
  • After 2 weeks you will receive a link to your gallery and choose your 20 images
  • From there you will have access to my professional lab to print your images. Or you may choose to download and print on your own. (Print release is included)

Extra Goodies

  • Receive a free mobile app of your images
  • Get 10% off a newborn Session with me
  • Some clients may be chosen for video and will receive a promotional video (can you say DRONE!)
  • Maternity sessions must take place 28-36 weeks of pregnancy


As far as location, that would depend on what look you are interested in. I have a studio if you are interested in a studio session. Or we can do on location. Outdoor sessions are typically done an hour before the sun sets that day. What do you envision behind you in your images? Trees, pond, river, mountains, buildings, an urban environment, what interests you.

Once I know what style you are interested in I can make some possible location suggestions

If you decide you would like to book with me let me know and I can send over a questionnaire, an invoice to book your session and a portrait agreement and once we pick the location you will be all set! I am so excited for you, being pregnant is one of life’s most precious miracles!

I am so grateful that you are interested in having a photo session with me. There are so many precious moments in our children’s lives worth celebrating and capturing to enjoy in the future. This is such a beautiful gift that you are giving to your child. Photographing your child and hanging their images prominently in your home will serve as a reminder to your child that they are truly special and it is such an amazing confidence booster for them! In addition, one day their own children will look upon these images and these captured moments in time and see their parent or grandparent as they are, a innocent beautiful wide eyed child with the world at their finger tips!

My name is Melanie Maxine and I own Mint Photography. My joy in life is capturing the milestones in my client’s lives. I know that one day my images will be among their most prized possessions. Years from now they will look back that these photographs and be reminded of all the precious details of an otherwise lost moment in time. And, years after that they will pass on these images to their children or their children’s children and they will be looked upon with adoration and pride. This is why I am so passionate about photography, it is an art and most importantly an expression of love.

Already booked your session with another photographer? Please please don’t cancel on your photographer! That’s one of the main reasons I hate having sales, the last thing I want you to do is bail on someone who probably has already put a lot of work into planning your session! As a conciliation prize please accept this gift from me… A referral code to Sew Trendy Accessories for 15% off your next order!